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Our therapy is available in this area thanks to the tireless research and development by our principal and founder who sought to develop a therapeutic benefit for his own child, profoundly affected by epilepsy.  
A professional scientist and inventor of medical devices, Mr Rabaud applied a well versed, precise and methodical objective approach supported by The Brain Collective in Harrogate and Neurofield Inc USA. 
Our advisors are: 
Nicholas J. Dogris, Ph.D., BCN, QEEG-D, CEO & Co-Founder, NeuroField, Inc. 
Tiff Thompson, PhD, MFT, BCN, QEEGD, REEGT 

The Brain Lab 

The Brain Lab method helps improve physiology using a form of biofeedback called Neurofeedback without the use of medication. 
Neuro feedback relates to cerebral functions, the brain’s electrical activity or regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF). It is a self-regulation skill to enable self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). 
The healthy brain functions in the manner of a perfectly in tune and enjoyable choir or orchestra when neurons are singing in harmony. 
However whenever groups of neurons go out of tune or miss the beat and such imbalances result in poor functionality for the person, mainly in view of the energy being spent by the brain as it attempts to self-regulate and balance its electrical activity. 
Imbalances within the brain lead to anxiety, attention deficit, memory losses and many other debilitating conditions such as epilepsy and many others, while considerable resource (emotional and physiological) is spent by neurons attempting to redress their electrical activity. 

Gentle and specific 

Gentle and specific low pulsed electromagnetic waves (pEMF) encourage re-balance by acting like a tuning fork to a music conductor leading changes of the different parts of an orchestra to achieve an effective harmony, by matching the pitch, tonality and timing. Thus helping the musicians perform in a coordinated manner and thereby changing anxiety into a feeling of fulfilment as they begin to flourish as they perform. 
Restoring the imbalances by tuning the electrical activity in the brain returns well-being and good health to the individual via a non-invasive brain training method.  
Neurofeedback promotes a sense of self, there are no questions or interventions from a psychotherapist.  
It never punishes but rewards, allowing the individual to regain self-control of the brain and therefore the mind without effort. State of the art brain-map scanning, can help the stimulation of critically inactive areas of the brain. 
Initial successes led to further studies into non-invasive technologies and, monitoring the effects of nutrition and environment upon the brain. 
After thousands of hours of research and compiling hundreds of research papers, Jil decided to launch the Brain Lab.  
Because the world of neuro therapy had traditionally advocated invasive and/or aggressive chemical interventions, The Brain Lab never makes false claims about the gentle therapy and works within true profession guidelines to keep patients realistically aware of the potential benefit of using the technique.  
Where traditionally difficult to treat manifestations are encountered, The Brain Lab will always offer the most objective appraisal and keep the patient in the picture about any realistic therapeutic benefit. 
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