We offer an approach to brain health through the gentle and proven process of neurofeedback to help you flourish 
Neurotherapy has been validated in a large number of peer reviewed studies published in medical journals 
Gentle and non-invasive, the technology helps restore balance by stimulating inactive parts of the brain while calming overactive areas 

About Us 

Our therapy is available in this area thanks to the tireless research and development by our principal and founder who sought to develop a therapeutic benefit for his own child, profoundly affected by epilepsy. A professional scientist and inventor of medical devices, Mr Rabaud applied a well versed, precise and methodical objective approach supported by The Brain Collective in Harrogate and Neurofield Inc USA. 

Neurofeedback treatments have been shown to help with: 

Alzheimer’s & Dementia 
Peak Performance 
We read about the work done in the 1960’s to prevent astronauts getting epilepsy from a component of rocket fuel and came across The Brain Collective in Harrogate, where our daughter responded to neuro feedback combined with brain training. The Brain Lab was founded in order to offer a tried and tested therapy based on our personal experience dealing with a severe neurological challenge. 
A new approach to brain health through gentle and precise process of Neurofeedback to help you flourish. 
Advanced research into brain-wave activity has informed a pioneering approach to brain healing and rehabilitation. The gentle and proven technology accesses and stimulates new activity in areas of the brain that may have become either sluggish or overactive. 
Whilst being a lesser known approach to Brain Health through personalised neurofeedback, The Brain Lab therapy is based on advanced research into brain-activity and has resulted in a tried-and-tested approach. 
Dating from NASA's original work into restoring brain imbalances for their space-flight crews, which provided an alternative therapy to pharmaceuticals.  
Gentle and non-invasive, the technology evaluated over a number of years, helps the individual restore balance by stimulating inactive parts of the brain whilst at the same time calming the overactive portions. 

The Therapy 

Traditional approaches to brain malfunction have been restricted to chemical or physical interventions; based on the assumptions accumulated over a hundred years of study and practice that insisted that brain functioned physically or by way of chemical reaction.  
Over time, practitioners looked to other areas of research, that required less drastic action and, the first investigations of brain-wave function and feedback became established. 
Neurotherapy is not a panacea. In most cases improvement in our cognitive, emotional and body health can be achieved only via multiple therapeutic interventions and with the help of multiple professionals.  
We can liaise with health professionals to ensure that you have access to specialist knowledge that would be beneficial to your neurotherapy sessions. 
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